Photo © Paul Meyler

We have Individual races, two Relay events, and Endurance races.

All swimmers will need to bring a signed Disclaimer Form and proof of a negative Covid Test Result (e.g. lateral flow test) on the day.

Individual races

122m = 2 × 61m lengths.

244m = 4 × 61m lengths.

Relay races

Mixed teams only.

2 × 122m “Dread the Tread”

2 × competitors in a mixed team, each swimming 2 × 61m lengths.

Both swimmers must enter the water and stay in the water until they have both finished their swims.

Both swimmers must tread water as they wait, no touching the wall or lane rope.

Start – first swimmer holds wall with one hand, second swimmer treads water unassisted as their teammate swims two lengths.

Takeover – second swimmer can only hold the wall after the first swimmer enters the 5m red zone and starts after the first swimmer touches the wall.

Continuation – first swimmer must then let go of wall immediately and tread water unassisted until their teammate completes two lengths.

Finish – when the second swimmer reaches the wall, then both swimmers can exit the water.

4 × 61m

4 × competitors in a mixed team, each swimming 1 × 61m length.

Endurance race

10 lengths of the lido (610m) plus one length for each degree Celsius above freezing up to a maximum of 1,220m.

The Endurance is for experienced cold water swimmers only.

You will need to have swum 1,000m at 6˚C or less this winter.

Endurance swimmers will need to bring a signed Endurance Witness Form on the day.

Please note that the Endurance is no longer available on its own – you need to swim the 122 or 244 first to swim the Endurance.