We have individual races, four person relay event and an epic endurance race. All races are freestyle. I.e. any stroke you like.

Individual races

2 lengths and 4 lengths, 122m and 244m respectively, 10 lengths + endurance.


Teams consist of four competitors who swim one 61m length each. Teams must be mixed. There must be at least one man and one woman, the other two can be whatever you like no seals, sea lions, otters or other aquatic mammals please.


The endurance challenge is for experienced cold water swimmers only. The challenge will be 10 lengths of the lido (610m) plus one length for each degree centigrade above freezing up to a maximum of 1,220m.

For the endurance you will need to have swum 1,000m at 6C or less, preferably this winter.

Email us for more details.